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Video of all the taylor boutique looks shown at NZFW. I coveted every chic casual cool monochrome item.

Anonymous: Since you were working at fashion week, could you share what was in the goodie bags? I don't have a tumblr but love your style of writing and your creative original content so I check back every so often. Keep blogging.

#NZFW was so fun!

Hmm, I feel a bit weird about posting about all the goodie bags (the fashion is the focus for me!) but I do know I usually do some form of goodie bag post because it’s a really awesome opportunity to discover new brands and products to try. You readers are super important to me, so I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps just a few goodie bag highlights that I consumed and have been raving about to anyone who will listen? I’ll link to it when I get it done.

Thanks for the lovely feedback. You’re a star. I live off such encouraging treats.

EDIT: Write up is here! Phew.