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Tutorial #131 is the Scarf French Braid. I think this is a pretty cute style for school actually, especially if there’s a strict uniform code then you can just find a scarf in school colours. It sort of makes an ordinary french braid more cute and interesting.

First, gather the top bit of your hair into a half up half down hairstyle and also grab a scarf. Next, tie that scarf around that bunch of hair to secure it, and then form a shoelace bow, making sure one end is considerably longer than the other. You’re going to leave the shorter end hanging free. Lastly, plait the longer end into the rest of your hair in a french braid, and secure at the end with a hair elastic.

Cora from Confetti rocked this look in the #confettiheadscarves post! Browse the tag on my blog for more pics.

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Sweet pamper essentials to relax and feel pretty on the weekend. (Also isn’t the owl candle just so cute!)



Ok, so we are a little freaked out by this. Also we are equally in awe by how amazingly weird and, uh awesome, it is. We’ve heard of foot fetishes and leather fetishes, but a silk scarf fetish?  If we were ever to have a fetish, this would be it. Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves up in a thousand silky smooth [APT] scarves? We do it every day!





Someone who likes silk scarves a lot more than I do. A lot more.