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Welcome to Tutorial #129! The High Scarf Braid Bun. I really apologise for the increasing irregularity of tutorial releases. I actually have quite a few waiting to be written up and posted but just….I need to get some time management skills as I get busier. So stick around and check back from time to time for new things! Social media is also awesome.

Anyway, you’re not interested in long apologetic rants. To get this look, tie your hair up in a high ponytail. Then fold a long scarf or approx 70cm square scarf folded on the bias around the ponytail and secure with a knot. Braid it into your ponytail and tie it at the end. Wrap the braid around into a coiled bun and pin into place.

You get the chic look of a bun, with a few peeks of interesting colour! Perfect for bad hair days.

I’m going to stand outside. If anyone wonders about me, tell them I’m outstanding.


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Loving the scarf style!